Back from Torbeland

I just came back from my one month experience in Torbeland. It has been quite a ride, lots of experiences, fun times and relax times.
A lot of the original projects for the month did not happen, however, the foundation for them and new ones was established.
My mission to help as a technical adviser and systems optimizer has been accomplished perfectly. I have enjoyed immersing myself in a totally unknown environment and quickly adapt to it, understand it and use my abilities to create an infrastructure and improvement plan.

I like challenges like that, unique, original and surrounded by colorful and wonderful characters. Meeting new people and finding about them is an invaluable experience. I got to know all the components of putalocura’s emporium. I found out how they felt, what they wanted and what was necessary to improve their situation. Most importantly I helped to reestablish and open communication environment among all the members of the clan.
This was the most important since, interestingly enough, once communication begins, a lot of the issues seem to resolve themselves really quickly.

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