Campos de Trabajo

The only thing I regret about summer camps in Spain is not having found about them a few years earlier. Age admittance to most working camps in Spain ranges from 18 to 25 years of age. I found about them when I was 25 so I have been only twice to one of these fun galore mini high concentration of hormones summer camps.

The two working camps I have been to (Villarejo y Chelva) have been unforgettable 15 day summer experiences where I made many good friends, learned about Roman and arabic ruins and archeology and partied like a wild animal feasting after a big juicy capture.

The purpose of these summer camps is to gather a group of young people from all areas of Spain, or the world , in the case of international working camps, to foster and strengthen cultural bonds among different areas of the nation and the world while contributing volunteer work to restore national heritage areas.

The official definition and purpose of the summer camps I refer to in this section is here. Similar camps exist in other countries beside Spain but I don’t know how much they differ from what I experienced.

On the other hand, the unofficial definition which was pitched to me is the main reason why most youngsters are attracted to these summer camps. Summer camps are great social events where all participants have guaranteed 15 days of fun, hardcore parties, traveling opportunities, potential lifetime friendships, alcohol and drugs and many chances of experiencing all sorts of wild uncompromised sexual encounters. All of that for the ridicule amount of about 70 euros which includes food and shelter for the entire two week period. I mean, where could anybody find a better vacation deal?.

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