Casino – Joe Pesci brutality

They say that sex and violence are the magic ingredients required to ensure success in a movie. We are attracted to both, these elements resonate with our own most primitive animal instincts. We also respond to humor, talent and craftiness but not with so much intensity. Here is a scene right out Scorsese’s movie “Casino” that impacted me for years…

The Shining – Most Famous Scene

This scene is probably the most famous in the movie “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick. I always like to wonder why, so why is this scene so famous? it must be a combination of factors. Nicholson is at his best, scary, maniac, unpredictable.. his victim looks exactly like that, like a feeble, nervous victim.. the setting, far away, weird.. a disproportionate knife in her shaky hands, a big axe.. in the hands of a guy who is going nuts.. his face, his big teeth, his eerie smirk. Lots of curious ingredients that make these frames stick decades after to the collective memory of millions.

For your enjoyment, right out of YouTube:

Science Of Sleep – Michel Gondry

Most of us have dreams. Many of us remember some of them. What are dreams? what is their purpose if any? do they have meaning or are just random mixtures of memories, feelings, images and sounds?
Dreams tend to defy many of our wake time rules, in them anything is possible, fly, teletransportation, miracles… in them the mind can find true freedom, no boundaries.

Michel Gondry has the unique ability to represent his unique dreams in films. Yes, we may dream like he does, but who can convert those impossible dreams to a series of shots and sequences accurately? very few… Gondry is one of them.

The Science of Sleep is a perfect example of Gondry’s amazing ability to create a dream world, his dream world.