Cooliris – The End of 2D Internet Navigation is Here!

We are in the midst of a new paradigm in Internet Navigation. Cooliris is only a year old and is already changing the way millions navigate through rich media content over the Internet. Why? you really have to see it for yourself to understand. The experience puts anything before it to shame, forget about all the current internet browsers and dive into a sci-fi like 3D experience that cooliris can offer.
My prediction is than in about 2 years interactive 3D navigation is going to be the de facto way to surf the web and companies like Cooliris are going to rule the navigation market over all the existing 2D browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari, etc..
Today, Cooliris is an addon to current browsers, soon it will be opposite or simply 2D browsing will be a thing of the past all together.
Cooliris is a new beast with limitations and is meant more for content browsing and discovery than for publishing, messaging, networking or shopping. As soon as these limitations are eliminated the game is over for the era of 2D browsing.
Check Cooliris and experience this new paradigm change for yourself ->

Here is a video telling you about it:

Zoetrope – The Internet Timeline

Yes, all happens over time.. so does the Internet. What if you could look at the Internet over time?

You would be very happy? indifferent? well, we will see next year thanks to Zoetrope. This is going to be interesting.