Ibizaah! is born! – A YouTube video mixer and playlist creator

Have you ever used YouTube to DJ at a party and found frustrating having to change among windows while searching for the next song?
Basically, if you are listening to a song on YouTube, you cannot search for another song within the same window without interrupting that song, unless you open another window. Not that that is a real issue for most people, but for some (like me) it is a little annoyance. Anyway, I decided to take a break from coding last week and decided to .. code some more, but this time, for leisure not for work (and one day I’ll get a life too.. hehe).

I started coding last Monday and yesterday I finished Ibizaah!.
Ibizaah! lets you search and play YouTube videos at the same time within the same window. You can also add your search results to a left or right playlist, cross fade sound across videos, and reorder playlist order by drag and drop.
Eventually, I would like to allow users to save their playlists, share them, and even load them from their YouTube accounts.

Go give it a spin at the next party and let me know how it goes!

Here is a screenshot:


Cooliris – The End of 2D Internet Navigation is Here!

We are in the midst of a new paradigm in Internet Navigation. Cooliris is only a year old and is already changing the way millions navigate through rich media content over the Internet. Why? you really have to see it for yourself to understand. The experience puts anything before it to shame, forget about all the current internet browsers and dive into a sci-fi like 3D experience that cooliris can offer.
My prediction is than in about 2 years interactive 3D navigation is going to be the de facto way to surf the web and companies like Cooliris are going to rule the navigation market over all the existing 2D browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari, etc..
Today, Cooliris is an addon to current browsers, soon it will be opposite or simply 2D browsing will be a thing of the past all together.
Cooliris is a new beast with limitations and is meant more for content browsing and discovery than for publishing, messaging, networking or shopping. As soon as these limitations are eliminated the game is over for the era of 2D browsing.
Check Cooliris and experience this new paradigm change for yourself -> http://www.cooliris.com/

Here is a video telling you about it:

Infinite Images

Holy Cow!

Imagine a system capable of creating seamless stiches of infinite pictures with similar shapes or tags in common. Imagine you could gather 1000 images taken in a location by many different individuals and having the system to logically combine then to generate and interactive 3d world made of those images.

I know, it is hard to imagine.. but some one did and actually build that system:

Zoetrope – The Internet Timeline

Yes, all happens over time.. so does the Internet. What if you could look at the Internet over time?

You would be very happy? indifferent? well, we will see next year thanks to Zoetrope. This is going to be interesting.

Database Migration

I’ve never put much attention to how migrate databases until, of course, I had to do it.
The challenge was to migrate from an existing MySQL database to a WordPress database.
After a lot of research I found a couple of tools that automatize the process.
The challenge was more than just a straightforward migration but migrating specific fields within tables to the corresponding fields on the target database. This required for the tool to be able to select custom field mapping.
The only software I’ve found and tested that does this mapping is called SwisSQL Database Migration Tool 4.8 (see details here).

Because it is a Windows based application I used a MacBook with bootcamp installed and created a local LAMP testing environment to create a local wordpress instance. I used a free application called WAMP Server 5 (See creator’s page here).
WAMP 5 is extremely simple to install and comes loaded with many nice features, including phpMyAdmin which I used to manage my wordpress database installation.

SwisSQL Database Migration Tool is pretty straightforward to use in principle. However I was not able to make it work when connecting to a remote database. Although, after getting my web host provider, Bluehost.com
, to whitelist my external IP, I was able to establish a connection, the tool would not execute the migration and hanged up.

The solution was to export the remote database and re-import it locally. I also tried to export the desired tables as CSV files and select them as my source to be migrated. Once source and target databases are selected, the next step is to decide which tables and fields to migrate. Here is where you can select which fields you want to map to.
For example, on my source CSV, I had a table called blog with a field called b_content which had the content of the blog entry. On my target wordpress database the equivalent table is called wp_posts and the field that corresponded was called post_content.
The same for date and title. Once the mapping is done, clicking next initiates the migration process and if everything works you will have migrated your choice of data into your target database.

Here are some other tools I tested: