Zigoreto en Putalocura!

This morning, I get an email from my friend in Madrid Torbe.
Torbe tells me I should read his last blog post cause I would like it.
It is about his attendance to a Spanish soccer league game between Athletico de Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao.
He talks about meeting a few Bilbao fans on his way. I keep scrolling and Boom! da bim bom bam!
A picture of my best friend Zigor with Torbe! They ran into each other in the Metro.. juas! juas! que bueno!!

Here is the fatidic encounter of two Bilbainos exiliados:

Miguel Juggling a Soccer Ball – Video for Borja

My dear friend Borja is competing on a contest to win a pair of soccer shoes from some famous soccer player.
The prize will go the best video montage of people around the world juggling a soccer ball.
Borja asked me to make a short video of myself with Vancouver downtown in the background.

Here it is with love from Vancouver 😉

Barrio Sesamo Meets Daft Punk

Growing up in the 80’s in Spain we had our own version of Sesame Street called “Barrio Sesamo”.
When I had nightmares as a kid, I always pictured Espinete (the pink porcupine in the video) dancing and it always worked.
Check out this video with the whole Barrio Sesamo cast dancing to Daft Punk.. I almost fell of the chair from laughing so hard!