Zigoreto en Putalocura!

This morning, I get an email from my friend in Madrid Torbe.
Torbe tells me I should read his last blog post cause I would like it.
It is about his attendance to a Spanish soccer league game between Athletico de Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao.
He talks about meeting a few Bilbao fans on his way. I keep scrolling and Boom! da bim bom bam!
A picture of my best friend Zigor with Torbe! They ran into each other in the Metro.. juas! juas! que bueno!!

Here is the fatidic encounter of two Bilbainos exiliados:

Miguel Juggling a Soccer Ball – Video for Borja

My dear friend Borja is competing on a contest to win a pair of soccer shoes from some famous soccer player.
The prize will go the best video montage of people around the world juggling a soccer ball.
Borja asked me to make a short video of myself with Vancouver downtown in the background.

Here it is with love from Vancouver 😉

Buahh! Spain loses in Edmonton

This time the best team did not make it through. Spain was beat in the penalty shoot-out after having dominated the entire game. Spain became too good of a friend with the Czech’s goal posts and paid the price for it.
Other than that, the trip was a fun escape from Vancouver, we got to finally see my bro’s new place, the niece and family.
It was hot and sticky even at nite.
Here is an image that explains it all.


Spain vs Czech Lost U20

Capel crying after an unfair defeat. This kid rocked!


Miguelon remata de cabeza!


Stivito, Julito y Miguelon con el balon



 Dani y Miguel con un balon de verdad?




Miguel Soccer Moves

Aqui una demostracion alucinante y recalcitrante de las habilidades futboleras del creador de este blog estrambotico-fandanguero-flipatorio-subanormalitico.


At the beginning of the sports section I mention that there are only two sports from the list that I am good at, well, not really. Indeed , I have played soccer for many years, but for european standards I started to play the game relatively late at the age of ten. Continue reading “Soccer”