Miguel Juggling a Soccer Ball – Video for Borja

My dear friend Borja is competing on a contest to win a pair of soccer shoes from some famous soccer player.
The prize will go the best video montage of people around the world juggling a soccer ball.
Borja asked me to make a short video of myself with Vancouver downtown in the background.

Here it is with love from Vancouver 😉

Fedor – Lethal, Humble, Great

Back 2006, when I was shooting for now extinct BodogFight I had the chance to meet the now considered best MMA fighter in the world in person. Back then I had no idea nor interest in MMA fighting or any martial arts for that matter. I still don’t care much for it but after meeting several fighters and interview them my opinion towards these violent sports has changed a lot. Most of the fighters I met were quite nice people, very focused and loving for their sport. I never understood why anyone would like to make a career out of beating people up, but we are all different and some people love the one on one physical challenge so much they are willing to surrender their lives to what they love the most, beating people up.
We were sent to Atlantic City to film an MMA tournament and it just happened that Fedor was giving a seminar there during our visit. We filmed the whole seminar and interviewed Fedor for our records. Later on, Fedor was signed up by Bodog to fight Matt Lindland. The first thing that struck me about Fedor is that he did not look like a fighter at all, I saw this solid but rather chubby looking balding man on his early 30’s giving instructions to a group of about 50 fighters. They all listened to his tips through his Russian translator.
I did not know who Fedor was but I did notice all the fighters there seemed to be very excited to be there. Later on, a few months after the filming I decided to check up on Fedor and was surprised to find out he was considered one of the best fighters in the world. I could not believe it, that chubby smiley humble guy? he looked like a friendly next door guy. I could totally picture him selling me a couple of chicken breasts at the local meat market. Well, looks deceive, who could convince me I was standing next to the most lethal human obliterating machine in recent history, no one, until I saw him fight.
What I remember most about Fedor was his humble nature, he gave this aura of being a really nice person, someone calm, not intimidating, and sincere. Precisely, he had a lot of the traits that you would never expect to see on a fighter of his level and that is what makes him so especial and what made me look at the sport with different eyes.
I still don’t care for the violence and blood and I have been there, filming fights on the ring, getting splashed with sweat and blood, hearing bones and flesh crunching and I don’t like it. The only reason I check back on MMA is because Fedor, because I met him and because I liked him as a person. I am glad that he is successful doing what he loves and one day he will lose and get old and stop fighting perhaps, but I am sure something will remain, to me the most important, Fedor will still be a nice guy, humble, calm and I like that.

Here is Fedor wrongly tagged as the baddest man on the planet, yes inside the ring but not outside:

This is a small clip of the seminar where I first met Feodor:

Travel and Dance! Like Matt Harding!

This video brought tears to my eyes, in a few minuted Matt takes us around the world (sponsored by SlideGum), about 42 countries and really exotic places to show us his super dorky lame dancing skills.. and by doing so, how dancing, even bad dancing, is so universal!
I am a terrible dancer and Matt makes people like me look good.. thanks Matt. Now I want to go to all those places and do something cool too!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Matts website -> http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/.

Trip to Mallorca – “Verano Azul” re-make

Exiciting times ahead. from May 1st to May 16th I am travelling to Palma de Mallorca Spain to shoot a remake of the popular Spanish series “Verano Azul”. My friend Nacho is flying me from Vancouver and paying all my expenses to shoot the re-make.. it is going to be crazy!!

Back from Torbeland

I just came back from my one month experience in Torbeland. It has been quite a ride, lots of experiences, fun times and relax times.
A lot of the original projects for the month did not happen, however, the foundation for them and new ones was established.
My mission to help as a technical adviser and systems optimizer has been accomplished perfectly. I have enjoyed immersing myself in a totally unknown environment and quickly adapt to it, understand it and use my abilities to create an infrastructure and improvement plan.

I like challenges like that, unique, original and surrounded by colorful and wonderful characters. Meeting new people and finding about them is an invaluable experience. I got to know all the components of putalocura’s emporium. I found out how they felt, what they wanted and what was necessary to improve their situation. Most importantly I helped to reestablish and open communication environment among all the members of the clan.
This was the most important since, interestingly enough, once communication begins, a lot of the issues seem to resolve themselves really quickly.

Parte del Komando en Torbelandia

Y se hizo realidad, miembros del komando de bilbo, Zigor y David se presentaron este finde en casa de la ilustrisima Torbe.
Vinieron a visitarme y a presenciar con sus propios ojos como vive el king del porno freak mundial.  Conocieron la mansion, el jacuzzi, a una actriz porno super simpatica, Lucky, la simpatica mujer de Torbe, la perra santa ramona, la gatita egipcia Venancia… y durante la noche baretos pachangueros, sesenteros como la Via Lactea y mega rokeros como La Ofrenda.. nadie triunfo ni con actriz ni sin ella, las madrilenias nos echaban el ojito pero la falta de tiempo y planificacion triunfaron sobre la estrategia vasca de castidad forzada. Aqui la foto de todos los malhechores en la entrada de la mansion de la lujuria madrilenia.

Torbe Miguel Zigor David

Miguel In Torbelandia

June 4, 2007
Today I arrived to Madrid to spend a month with Torbe in Madrid doing who knows what crazy projects and adventures.
Trip was fine, no talking people or crying babies from Vancouver to Madrid.
They left my camera suitcase in London! hopefully arrives tomorrow to Torbe’s house.
Jesus picked me up, he is the piliceman that dies killed by Willy de Fok in Torrente X.
I went to Torbe’s, met all the guys there.. Monico, Gorka, Johnny, Carmen, Rafa.
Torbe, His wife, Salma de Nora, Monico and I were driven by talented Jesus to Hazen Daags Theater to Sabias a Lo Que Venias where Torbe introduced me to Santiago Segura.
Show was pretty terrible, except for a very sexy crazy girl doing anything for fame and Torbe’s segment where He took Salma’s shirt off exposing her boobies to over 220,000 expectators.
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Chelva – July 16-30/03

Fender:”Un campamento de trabajo genial. Una experiencia inolvidable. Hasta pille yo!”

No se me ocurre mejor manera de pasar 15 dias de verano con los colegas. Por unos 70 euros tienes durante dos semanas; comida, alojamiento, actividades, viajes y excursiones, uno o varios trabajos interesantes (si hay suerte), diversion (garantizada), posibilidad de entablar amistades duraderas (casi seguro) y de hasta en contrar tu media naranja (o por lo menos uno o dos gajos de mandarina). Por supuesto, Chelva no nos defraudo y como el año pasado todas nuestras expectativas se vieron cumplidas y en mi caso hasta rebasadas ya que, hasta yo pille!, lo cual es algo bastante insolito teniendo en cuenta que recientemente habia sido galardonado con el titulo al “peor pillador del mundo” ortorgado anualmente por mi cuadrilla.

Este año toco en Chelva, un pequeño pueblo de 2000 habitantes a 70km al Oeste de Valencia, ciudad. La verdad es que el pueblo en si tenia poco que ofrecer a primera vista, muchas colinas, polvo, pedruscos y chelvanas feas. A pesar de no haber siquiera una discoteca donde ir a bailar habia otras atracciones de interes a las cuales sacamos bastante partido, como por ejemplo, la piscina, el bar de La Gitana, el pabellon deportivo, la Playeta y sus cascadas. Tambien disfrutamos de excursiones en las inmediaciones del pueblo, como la ruta del agua y el sendero hasta el acueducto y Peña Cortada. Tambien visitamos Valencia ciudad sonde estuvimos en la catedral y visitamos el Museo de las Ciencias, que estaba bien pero habia tantas cosas que mirar que al final nos perdimos la mayoria. Fuimos un finde a un camping a Alcocebre donde probamos las aguas calientes como el pis del Mediterraneo y nos asamos en unos hornos naranjas de plastico llamados comunmente, tiendas de campaña.

El trabajo consistia en consolidar el terreno en la colina de la torrecilla a base de restaurar y construir hormas. Hasta el penultimo dia nos tocamos las bolas ya que por un fallo logistico no tuvimos las piedras necesarias para realizar nuestro trabajo hasta ya muy tarde. El caso es que el primer dia empezamos a subir cachos de acera en vez de piedras (algun txorra debio de pensar que daba lo mismo) y el camionero que las subia se jodio la espalda ayudandonos a cagar el puto camion y no se recupero hasta una semana despues.


Panorama de los rascacielos de Chelva.