Identity 2.0 – Dick CEO of Sxip

Awesome talk and presentation. His style of presentation, flickering through images is actually a good starting model to define people.
It works very well, as you can see on the video and funny enough, only a few months ago a company called YouTego has created a self-visualization engine that looks very similar to the way Dick conducts his presentation. Coincidence?

Dick’s presentation:

Here a YouTego self-visualization from Tim, YouTego’s founder:

Build your own Home Made Fuck Machine

UPDATE: Instructions are finished! go get them at

Here is a short video of in action!:

I just finished where soon you will be able to find easy to follow instructions on how to build your own homemade fuck machine.
When I built my own machine about a year and a half ago I never thought I would get so many requests for building instructions. So by popular demand I have decided to create a dedicated website for the sex machine.

I am working on the instructions as we speak but the site is up and anyone interested can sign up and will be notified as soon as the instructions are available. The full set will be available online and as a PDF download for only $19.99 US.

To get your instructions today just head to FUKBOX.