Zigoreto en Putalocura!

This morning, I get an email from my friend in Madrid Torbe.
Torbe tells me I should read his last blog post cause I would like it.
It is about his attendance to a Spanish soccer league game between Athletico de Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao.
He talks about meeting a few Bilbao fans on his way. I keep scrolling and Boom! da bim bom bam!
A picture of my best friend Zigor with Torbe! They ran into each other in the Metro.. juas! juas! que bueno!!

Here is the fatidic encounter of two Bilbainos exiliados:

Miguel Juggling a Soccer Ball – Video for Borja

My dear friend Borja is competing on a contest to win a pair of soccer shoes from some famous soccer player.
The prize will go the best video montage of people around the world juggling a soccer ball.
Borja asked me to make a short video of myself with Vancouver downtown in the background.

Here it is with love from Vancouver 😉

Talent doesn’t discriminate, we do

Here are the latest most well known cases of talent choosing indiscriminately. We judge and prejudge, it is part of being human, unfortunately this part can and is flawed in many ocassions.
Let these two wonderful talented people be an example for all, and from now on, be careful not to judge too soon because this is what can happen.

Paul Potts at Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle at Britain’s Got Talent


Bif Naked wants to F@#k you Too!

I had the priviledge to meet Bif Naked a while ago working at now extinct Bodog Music. She was a very loving happy woman and hugged everyone.
Back in 2004 I was given the task to edit her “Nothing Else Matters” music video which I started to edit and mid way into the edit I gave it to my friend Eduardo who at that time badly needed some work. What happened the 2 years after that is quite an amazing story.. Eduardo was hired full time at Bodog as an Editor.
Bif Naked’s record label Her Royal Majesty Records signed a deal with Bodog to provide them with all their roster of artists with the intention to promote the entertaining division at Bodog, which was called Bodog Music.
Soon after Eduardo got hired, I was hired as well and in not time Bodog poured millions of dollars into the Music and Entertaining ventures to build a full fledged in-house record label and tv production house. The TV department was in charge of shooting all the music videos and also producing Battle of the Bands and BodogFIGHT. Anyway, eventually the investment did not pay off and they closed the whole thing, but what a ride! I made tons of awesome contacts, traveled a lot and gained invaluable experience in TV production.
When they closed Bodog Music, all the artists when back to HRM records as before the Bodog adventure.

Here is the lates Bif Music video directed by my friend and Editor Extraordinare Kirk Karasin:

And here the Bif Naked video “Nothing Else Matters” edited by me and Eduardo Cristo which was the video that started us all in the crazy roller coaster at Bodog:

Miguel Spinning on a Soccer Field

I was bored in between takes at aa Bodog girl photoshoot a couple of weeks ago and decided to use my digital still camera to do some improv video art.. pretty cool.. yes, it was me holding the camera: