In 2004 I began my serious plunge into the world of filmmaking here in Vancouver, BC. I signed with a north american film apprenticeship program called film-connection that set me up with a local producer named Dian Cross. She helped me find jobs in local commercial productions as a production assistant. By the end of 2004 I had worked in about 16 commercials, 15 music videos, 1 TV series and 5 short films.

Check this area to have a look at some of my shy attempts to enter the world of filmmaking. Some of these are zero budget shorts created to learn some of the basics of camera operation, directing and script writing.

Miguel BodogGirls

While working at Raute as the official animator for almost three years, I had the opportunity to shoot several videos of machinery for marketing and engineering purposes. I really enjoyed my time behind the camera (Sony TRV-900). Soon I started to take it home to try to make my own little movies.

Since I lacked any formal education on camera operation and editing, I decided to take a part time course that covered some basic techniques for video and film production at my local film school. While attending school, I had the chance to participate in the production of a few student shorts and help create a documentary on the 24-hour film contest.

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