A wonderful little Scandinavian country, a great place to visit for its beautiful landscape and friendly inhabitants. A country of extremes! long, dark, and very cold winters with eternal nights and short summers with everlasting daylight. Frozen lakes and burning saunas, for the daring, one right away after the other, and they say is healthy!. Now, I have to believe them because they look very healthy to me, but I am not quite sure if it is because their lifestyle or becasuse simply the weak ones have all perished frozen during the winter or of heart-attack after doing the sauna-frozen lake thing.

I have visited Finland three times in my life, the first two for work related reasons (June 2001, May 2003) and the last one for pleasure (Aug 2003). I enjoyed myself tremendously in all occassions and I have been very lucky to make some excellent friends during my visits. I have very fond memories of my time there, of the omnipresent lakes and forests, and specially of the fun times shared with wonderful people such as Veli and all his friends. Thanks to them I have been able to experience their unique culture and lifestyle from inside, like if I was a Finnish myself. Kiitos amigos! usko matonta mitka reinnat! y many eta homo voltes!!!

Finland2003 112.JPG

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