Foosball Table

Now we are talking!. I love this sport? well, it could be considered so. You sure sweat and jump like crazy on a heated game of foosball. Fast paced, this apparently harmless game can become a very hectic and dangerous leisure activity.
Things can get very tense when one of the players does not know how to lose with dignity. That is when the spinning of the rods, shaking the table, swearing and attempts to injure the opponent by thrusting the rods every time he/she tries to get the ball takes place.

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I thought foosball was only big in Spain but as soon as I investigated in the internet I found out that there was also a fairly large community of foosball fans here in North America. I was quite surprised to find out that the 2002 foosball world champion was a very cute blonde mother of two living 30 minutes away from my place here in Vancouver.

One day, I decided to take my father to watch this lady, Moya, and her loyal husband Peter Tielens training in Burnaby at the Startlite Billiards. There she was, petite and blonde this cute woman on her 30’s kicking the asses of a flock of ugly-nerdy looking big fat foosball addicts.

Soon after this experience I decided to build my own foosball table. You see, here in Canada, a quite uneventful part of the world, many of us enjoy the luxury of having buckets of boring spare time to kill and still keeping good paying full time jobs as well.

I did some research under and found plans on how to build a Tornado replica table out of some 3/4″ birch plywood panels.

It took my father and I 2 months to build the toy, but it sure looked wonderful once finished. I even printed and carved the miguelations logo on the table. Another odd product of the miguelations family.

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