Gideon King – NovaMind Creator

While working ar at their technical support department, Curtis Robinson, discovered a very nifty brainstorming tool called NovaMind ( Nova-Mind is a very powerful mind mapping tool developed by a small company in Australia and conceived by a very interesting fellow called Gideon King.

On Gideon’s website there is a section where he explains how he conceived the idea to create a unique and powerful mind mapping tool. His story is very compelling and a perceptive reader can infer that Gideon must be indeed a true visionary and intelligent individual.

Recently, I set a goal to meet as many interesting people as possible. I said to myself, it may be true that a great percentage of people on this world are just ignorant morons, but on the other hand, I know that there has to be also thousands of really interesting and amazing people on this world. Now, life is very short and by chance we may run into a few of these really unique individuals during our existance. However, these chance encounters tend to be very random and hard to predict.

But, who says that we should leave these encounters to chance? … no one! So really, if one really wants, actively searching for interesting people is not very difficult given today’s communication technologies such as phone and internet. In fact, a great number of interesting people are potentially just a phone call away. Isn’t just that amazing? think about it, if you have a phone, you are just a few key punches away of thousands of great people. The trick is to find out this numbers, emails… All is needed is some good researching skills and patience and you should be able to contact almost anyone you set to in a short period of time.

After reading about Gideon I thought I really wanted to talk in person to him. So I went to his website, I found a Live Chat support window. I directly asked to the support guy that I wanted to speak to his CEO as soon as possible. Two weeks later I got an email from Gideon. A week after that I spoke with Gideon for over 1.5 hours about his product, his life and philosophy. It was a great conversation, Gideon turned out to be as amazing as I thought. I also was convinced that anyone that is truly successful like him would be also a great listener… and indeed, Gideon was patient, insightful and very receptive.. and he had never met me before!.

I want to meet as many amazing people as I can while I am alive. I just create a list of them and one by one I will do everything I can to meet him either by phone or person. I will learn from them and they will learn from me. I would’ve love to meet great people that are now gone, like Gandhi, Bach, Tesla, Einstein, Kennedy, Faraday, Pasteur, etc. But either way, there are thousands alive today that I will also would lke to meet, like Mandela, Larry Page, Sergei Brin, the inventors of Skype and Joost, Paul Haggis, Kevin Spacey, Anthony Hopkins, and many more that are not famous but are just as amazing or more…

I invite all my readers to make such list of people. I strongly believe that good people should get to know each other, help and support each other. The good thing about knowing really amazing people is that once you have their trust you can arrange for them to meet other great people you know and they don’t but you are sure they would tremendously benefit from knowing.

So go ahead and fetch!

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