Let us be honest, as of Dec 2003, I have played golf the scandalous amount of three whooping times in my life. I do not think I even can qualify for the crippled-fat bastard amateur sucker division.

This is what I know about golf in a few words. I remember that there used to be a very successful spanish golfer named Sevellano Ballesteros. I remember and old video of him juggling a golf ball with a golf club and doing impossible things with it. I know Tiger Woods is a good golfer and that he is black.
The only time I have enjoyed watching golf was on the flick “Happy Gilmore” in which Adam Samdlers plays the role of an ex-hockey player with an amazingly powerful drive.

Oddly enough, out of the three times I have played, I only remember two. I know it has been three times but I cannot recall one of them. The first time was in Crambrook, BC, sorry, in Kimberly in 2001 at the stag of my BCIT friend, Paul Rambold.
The second time was in 2002 in Finland. It was in a golf course on the outskirts of Lahti very near where my friend Pasi lives by the lake. I was with my dear co-worker Ben Santiago and we got to play for free because he had managed to charm the female manager of the course a week earlier at the Seourahone Hotal night club. An the third time… may be in my dreams?

The time I played in Finland, I remember I sucked big time, but the lady manager was so nervous and laughing at Ben’s comments that she could no hit one straight in spite of having played for years.

I know that nowadays golf courses are the places where important executive decisions and business contacts are made but it is not my cup of tea yet. To me it sound more like a retirement thing to do and may be not even then (I can hear all the boo’s already from the golf fans already).

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