Have you ever been stuck dreaming in a dream?

I just woke up and needed to share this before I forgot because it is the most bizarre experience sleeping I have ever had.
Basically, I couldn’t wake up!
The really crazy thing was that I dreamed that I wake up to realize a couple of minutes later that I was still in my dream. When I wake up, my room, light, apartment looked exactly as in real life so I really thought I was awake until I noticed something weird, like furniture changed, or one time a cleaning lady grabbing my girlfriends laundry?!?
This has gone on for about 30 minutes where I thought I was really woken up about 8 times to realize that I was still stuck in my dream!
By the 4th time I was getting very nervous because I was aware that I was dreaming and I was stuck in that mode.
So how freaking bizarre is to be aware that you are dreaming but still not being able to wake up?
It was as if my dream had hijacked my own ability to wake up for real by making believe I was really waken up and went into a insane endless loop.

Eventually I woke up (unless this is the Matrix and I am still dreaming that I write this..) but it took a lot of will power to wake up into the real world. I forced myself to dream I fall off the bed or even try to scream a couple of times but my dream had also taken over my voice so I could barely create a sound and also barely moved.
It is as if the dream had noticed that I had found out about it and was trying to keep me trapped sleeping so it deliberately weaken me to stop me from awakening.
During the last few attempts before I succeeded waking up, it came to me that maybe I was dieing from an embolism (I have read that brain embolism can cause people to experience very bizarre hallucinations), or that maybe there was a lack of oxygen in my room and that explained why I was feeling so weak by the end of my dream loop, or maybe that I was poisoned by a burglar..

Anyway, you cannot believe how happy I was that I finally wake up!
What a weird experience, I am glad it is over.

Additional Details

Aha! love wikipedia.. it is called False Awakening.

Found a recent thread that uses the term “sleep paralysis” to the inability to wake from a dream.
I think that I suffered from a combination of False Awakenings and Sleep Paralysis.
In FS you keep waking into the same dream looking for a way out. With SP your body refuses to move so you feel you are stuck in a motionless carcass.. argg!
People try to scream out loud in the dream and eventually wake up (the cases of were they did not are not reported obviously). However, your scream will not sound anything like what you are trying to say.. it will be more like MAAAWWWAAHHH!!! sound. So if you are not sleeping alone people think you are simply retarded or something.
It seems that a common cause of both FA and SP is being very tired which it was true in my case.
I think your body refuses to wake up because it is telling you. hey dude! you still need more sleep so I am going to hijack your ability to wake up and move for now

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