Home Made Fuck Machine: Better than an iPhone

Due to the high number of requests for instructions to build this great home made fuck machine, I have decided to create a dedicated site for it at http://fukbox.com/ where you can download a PDF with the step-by-step instructions too for a small amount.

Don’t ask me why.. I built a sex machine from household items. It is sexy, sleek, powerful, simple and pleasant to use and in my opinion.. better than an iPhone.

Here is how this homemade fucking machine looks in action:



Why is better than an iPhone?

Well, it is cheaper, simpler to use, and definitely it will provide you with endless of hours of pleasure.. real pleasure, not geeky pleasure.

I named it FukBox. FukBox, is portable like an IPhone, but also powerful and sleek like a Ferrari.. in fact, it only comes in one color, the color of passion.

Click on the image to access the instructions:

Homemade sex machine instructions

It also has the transformer thing going for it. FukBox looks and feels like an everyday toolbox, so when you have guests, or kids noticing it, it won’t draw any major attention. Yes, it has a 1ft shat sticking out of one end, but oh well.. just say it is an antenna or something like that.

How did you build it?

Well, I used my hands, a hand controller device called brain, easy to find everyday items, the Internet and our friend and foe, time.

It took about a month to build, mainly because I ordered three parts from the states from a hardware company called SDP/SI that took a couple weeks to arrive. (BTW, the parts costed about $25.00US and they charged me about the same in US customs to get to Vancouver.. is this normal.. and why?).

These three parts were a 6″ sheave, a 24″ 2L belt, and two 1/2″ bore flanged needle bearings for the main shaft which is made of a 6″ long 1/5″ diameter steel bolt bought at Home Depot.

The enclosure of this sexy beast is a red steel 19″ long Mastercraft tool box. I used a 7/8 dia. wood drill to make the two main holes on the box for the shaft of love. Making the holes like this was not a pretty operation but it worked. Needless to say, the drill bit is garbage now.. thanks for lending it to me Steve!

The shaft had to be chromed to slide smoothly on the plastic linear bearings. After looking a lot, I found that a chromed towel hanger was perfect. So I bought a 24″ long 5/8″ dia. towel hanger from Home Depot and got rid of the supports.

The heart of the machine is a fractional horse power sewing machine motor I found on Craigslist. I got it for free from a young lady. Well, I got the whole sawing machine from her, it was attached to a table and weighted a tone. I am sure she never could have guessed what kind of things I was envisioning to do with her grand mom’s old sewing machine.. hehe.

How does it work?

Very simple. It is really a plug and play device:

  1. Unlock and plug to your outlet.
  2. Plug the controller
  3. Select and put the dildo of your choice to the end of the shaft
  4. Press and turn the knob to control the dildo speed
  5. Enjoy hours of mechanical pleasure!

Is it safe?

Yes, it is as safe as the intelligence of its user. For example, if you decide to use the 8″ dildo for anal sex and you have never had anal sex before, then you are an idiot and deserved to be fooked by my machine.. so it is all good.

It is recommended to start with small dildos and work your way up slowly. Always use water based lubricants. Make sure you start at a low fooking frequency.

Remember, this machine is quite powerful and can reach speeds up to 280 cycles per minute!


  • Variable Speed: 10Hz – 280Hz
  • 120V 60Hz standard power
  • Adjustable penetration depth from 2″ to 7″
  • Comes with pad lock
  • Eternal pleasure guarantee!

Where can I get instructions to build a FukBox?

To get the complete detailed step-by-step building instructions go to http://fukbox.com/
and start building one yourself!


29 Replies to “Home Made Fuck Machine: Better than an iPhone”

  1. Hi. Can you send me a detailed list of parts I need to build this thing? I mean really detailed??? Thanks! I am extremely mechanically enclined. So throw it at me, my GF is dying to try it out!!!!



  2. hola, por lo que veo hablan español, bueno, quisiera saber como construir este aparato, como le puedo hacer, saludos !!

  3. For the fucking machine lovers out there I have good news!
    Today I finished shooting a nice professional videotutorial on HD.
    Now I will be editing it and putting a parts and tools list together.
    We are getting closer!
    Soon you will be able to build your own FukBox!

  4. I am very interested in building this machine. Can you give me the list of parts. If you have instructions I will gladly pay!!!

  5. @Alisha – I have put together the complete parts lists and instructions online at http://fukbox.com. You can see more videos there and buy them if you want to 😉

  6. Dear Support

    We are the UKs largest distributor of sex machines to the retail sector and would like to stock the Fukbox, could you manufacture for us? if so please let us know costings and shipping to the UK.



  7. plz send me instructions, process and everything required to make this fucking machine. Your Fukbox is the most awesome sex device I have ever seen.

  8. I do not have a credit card,but will send money order if I can get a address from you,and have you mail back instructions..please reply..sonny

  9. Tina, at this moment we only sell the building instructions, may be one day I will set up a big factory in China and churn Fukboxes like iPhones.. one day! lol

  10. I have some bags of coal surplus to requirements, can you design me one that is steam powered, I like tea while im getting shafted too, thanks!!

  11. You can easily make it steam powered by attaching the main foking shaft to a steam locomotive. Locomotive is sold separately.

  12. I gotta say, man… well done. Just checked ou ur fukbox and am quite impressed. I’ve been working on my own design an slowly putting it together. If it works half as good as yours looks, I’ll be satisfied. Congrats on your “sex”-cess. HA! Couldn’t resist.

  13. hi zen been looking to make one for a while know got some parts got a good idea how i wanna do it ,but is a sewing machine motor enough for the job ? she been moaning she wants more than a bloody neadle pumping her ,thats me out then lol

  14. Hi beanfun, it depends on the size of the 3 S’s, Size of the sewing motor, Size of the Cock you are trying to insert into her, and Size of her Vagina.
    The solution is to get a bigger sewing motor, using a smaller cock, or a girlfriend with a larger vagina.

  15. As you’ve said, buying one off the shelf is going to cost. Once I get confirmation from the wife that she trusts my DIY skills I’ll be after the instructions. I thought I saw something regarding a standard light dimmer switch being used as the variable speed controller (be damned if I can see that reference now though) if I’m not going mad, would a IR remote light dimmer work?

  16. Wow i would do anything to try one out,any ideas on me trying for an evening of pleasure with someone else you choose the person sounds so hot

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