Miguel In Torbelandia

June 4, 2007
Today I arrived to Madrid to spend a month with Torbe in Madrid doing who knows what crazy projects and adventures.
Trip was fine, no talking people or crying babies from Vancouver to Madrid.
They left my camera suitcase in London! hopefully arrives tomorrow to Torbe’s house.
Jesus picked me up, he is the piliceman that dies killed by Willy de Fok in Torrente X.
I went to Torbe’s, met all the guys there.. Monico, Gorka, Johnny, Carmen, Rafa.
Torbe, His wife, Salma de Nora, Monico and I were driven by talented Jesus to Hazen Daags Theater to Sabias a Lo Que Venias where Torbe introduced me to Santiago Segura.
Show was pretty terrible, except for a very sexy crazy girl doing anything for fame and Torbe’s segment where He took Salma’s shirt off exposing her boobies to over 220,000 expectators.

Back at Torbe Mansion I talked to Rafa longer and met a really nice Venezuelan editor and former technology analysis administrator.
We ate some salchichon, cheese and yoghurt.
The hailrless cat farts all the time and fights with dog Ramona all the time.
Salma was taking a shower and Torbe took me to her shower were I saw her naked!
I finally got the right wireless password for Torbe’s wireless and I showed him the power of VPN back into the office.
He wants to have that as well to see all his computers while he is travelling.
I spent some time brainstorming all Torbe’s projects using Novaminf and tomorrow we will discuss them wil everybody.
Pretty awesome stuff.. lot of fun!

June 5, 2007

I got up late. Called to track my camera. Apparently to be delivered later in the day.
Yoli, Torbe’s wife cooks and awesome chicken with sauce and french fries. Torbe has lunch elsewhere the same as the rest of his helpers, Jesus, Carmen, Rafa, Jonatan y Gorka.
Torbe arrives and we have a brainstorming meeting where I show him my mega big Nova-Mind map about Torbe Entertainment.
I suggest JJ1 Torbe Loops in flash which he thinks is a great idea.
For this month we have to prepare an shoot a Torbe documentary and a short with a superb porn star Lucky.
A script writer will come over in two days to help with the writing of the short and doc.
Then we go to Sabias a lo Que Venias again. The shot two in a row because next week they will skip the shoot.
The program is quite boring, but the cachondona reporter and Torbe’s section are pretty good with an conjetetioation to a big Gorda woman who after revenging by counter attacking Torbe got to win the HD DV player from the raffly by Segura.
There was a boring, loud music and dark after party where I re-met Segura and a bunch of his amiguetes. It was OK. We ate pinchos, including some of Spanish Tortilla de patata that were very tasty.
I spoke to the crazy mesianiac that told a funny story about conquering fear and gave the example of what to do when attacked by a Lion.
Simply remain calm, very calm and when the lion approaches simply poke him in the eye!!! hahha!

Then Torbe, Yuli and I took a taxi back to Torbe mansion and I went to sleep pretty quick.
And I slept for a long … long time!

July 6, 2007

Today I woke up at around 5:50pm by Torbe thinking it was around 10am!!! It went flying the time.. I woke feeling great, like brand new. I guess my body needed it, still cannot believe how that happened!.
Well, I called again to track my camera and they said they attempted to deliver it the previous day but nobody responded..
Anyway, I went downstairs to meet the crew and I begun my data infrastructure collecting to improve Torbeland technical world.
I started with Johnny who explained me his work flow, hardware and software has and requirements. Johnny wants to get more challenge and some well deserved holidays. He has been over a year and half with no time off.. poor guy. Torbe told him to take 4 days weeks. Johnny wants to move into more challenging territory, such as Directing a TV show or similar.
Then I moved onto Rafa, the Venezuelan WOW expert who met Torbe and crew playing the super addicting online game World of Warcraft. He said he is very new at the world of filmaking and is eager to learn everything he can. He literally started 2 months ago and had no previous experience editing or anything. Johnny has been helping him to learn. He captures, Edits and Johnny finalizes, color correcting, graphics and trailers.
Rafa also wants to learn lighting and Video FX with After Effects and Motion.
Carmen had to leave so I will talk to her tomorrow, she complains her PC is very slow when simultaneously using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
My camera arrives, yes thank you God! and I have to fix the locks to be able to open it. Luckily everything works and makes me very happy.
I meet nice gay Venezuelan Jonatan that helps making the T-shirts, he spends almost an hour telling me stories about his live, Venezuela, etc, etc.
Then we had dinner, trout from lunch and nice pasta with tomato sauce and tuna cooked by wonderful Yoli.
I met the new porn star candidate that came from Canary Islands to try to become a porn star. She is very quiet, nice, beautiful and only.. for God’s sake, only 19 years old!. She is staying here and leaving on Friday.
Then I gather the list of people to interview for the Torbe doc and create it in Google docs to share it with Torbe.
We go play ping pong after Torbe and Rafa spend some quality time playing WOW, they are addicted to the game.
I got beating on tight games by talented Rafa. Then I beat Torbe 2-1 on his own table, he complains of tiredness and head ache, just excuses.
I chat with Stivito Borsato about my experiences, he fucked another girl and is very busy preparing exams next week.
I speak with Daniela, she had an interview and seems pretty happy about all the progress.
I watch another episode of MythBusters with pingpong boat refloating, balloons lifting little girl and blasting house with cochcoroaches!

Then I speak almost an hour with Torbe about the business, problems, future, Johnny efficiency, possible solutions adn recommendations.. how to grow and scale, recommend Torbe to get secretary, etc, etc.

July 7, 2007

Today I woke up at around 12 noon and got caught reading a Deepak Chopra book that had very interesting laws od nature and success kind of along the lines of The Secret.

7 Laws of Success

Then Torbe came to wake me up at around 2pm and we went down to have lunch. Today Yuli cooked and awesome paella which we ate with Torbe, and the girl from Canary Islands.

After lunch I gathered tech info from Carmen (Sugar) and Gorka (Gorkalimocho). Jesus is getting a 10/100/1000 switch tomorrow to get everyone networked properly. Gorka and Carmen need additional storage immediately since they are running out of it as well as the two Editors, Rafa (Raza) y Johnny (Death). After speaking to Gorka, Torbe arrived from shooting a small scene of pilladas with the 19 year old girl from Canary islands. I installed a bunch of FCP plugins to Johnny.
Javi the Script Writer from Antena 3 came to discuss Torbe’s doc and Obsesivo the movie. We concluded the Movie has to be simplyfied considerably and made into a short rather a feature due time and budget constrains. On the other hand, the doc must be longer and include interviews and have some kind of solid approach which Javi is going to try to discuss next Sunday.
Javi and I had a good conversation about the series Antena 3 produces and he is in charge of the content approval. Apparently series are almos as long as a feature per episode and longer due to long commercials, many time over 12 mins of continuous commercials!!!
I told him they must invest on online TV because analog TV is already becoming obsolete. They have all their episodes available online on their website. I asked him to find out where do they store their video.
Torbe and Rafa went to play WOW and we had nice dinner cooked by Yuli.
Javi had to take the metro and bus because Jesus left him without a ride..
I spent some time analyzing composition and lighting of a couple of TV series on Antena 3.

July 8 – 14, 2007

Well, a week has gone by since last entry. Reasons? well.. this usually happens due to a combination of pure business and forgetfulness.. sometimes.. just some times, a little dose of laziness can be factored in.. hehe.
Well.. so far I must say my overall experience is just what I expected… (well.. I really did not expect anything since I enjoy come to experiences with a true open mind) a mixture of good, not so good and in between experiences.
The good, well, I met beautiful and super nice Lucky from Prague. She is a porn actress that has shot a few times with Torbe. She loves cars and motorcycles, and.. fucking I guess.. for money. She has difficulties finding a lasting non jealous boyfriend.
I also shot an interview with her, I auditioned her to find out if she could act, improvised a scene and laughed a lot, specially when she licked whipped cream from my fingers… yummy!
More good, on Tuesday the 12th of June, we had a blast at ElpuntoGradio run by Luis Bersunses.


This radio show is the equivalent of Howard Stern show in US. There is lots of sex, humor and interaction with listeners. The concept of the show is very engaging by having listeners watching the show through a web cam and a MSN account.


On our show Luis interviewed Torbe and Lucky. The interaction part came by luring listeners to show their dicks in exchange of the opportunity to watch Lucky’s breasts. All very primitive excitement but really fun nontheless. It took sometime but by the end of the show we had a record 5 or 6 guys showing their dicks and jerking off with prize and all!.


There was also a breast contest over webcam, Lucky vs another woman that ended up in a draw due to the how similar their boobies were.


Luis program has become very successful over the last two years, reaching to over 1 million listeners per program around the world.
More good.. next day Lucky, Torbe, Yulisa and Luis went to a big disco whorehouse were they had a big porn casting. A reporter from Sabias a lo que Venias came over to interview the finalists (the guys that were able to get it up in the pre-selection). After all of them were interviewed they all went to have sex on stage with two putas. I was given the wonderful task of filming the event which was the most chaotic and frantic orgy I’ve could ever imagined. There were about 6 guys and 2 girls. With those numbers the girls had to move quickly yo make sure all the guys had their turn and the sure did!. Wow! those girls moved like rabbits inside a washing machine in the middle of a 9.5 Richter earthquake. The idea is that Torbe had to eliminate one by one guys that came or lost their erection. After 10 minutes there was a winner, the oldest guy of all, he was a natural porn star, pumping like a maniac and slapping the girls asses like if they were untamed mares.
Later on there was a blow job contest and some other shows and a bunch of girls on poles. The place was infested with prostitutes and horny guys. After filming there was a dead period of about an hour before we left. During this time I had the opportunity to chat some with Yulisa and Lucky. Lucky was dressed very nice and all guys were continuously staring at her. She clinged to me and even invited me to a drink. She confessed a bunch of things about her feelings. She admitted to loving the attention and guys staring at her (I guess she should if she is a porn star). She said her boyfriend of 3 weeks did not pay attention to her, he was just good looking but boring as hell. He was boring in bed too, jealous, and only wanted her to give him head all the time. She said she did not enjoy much giving head or even doing porn but the money is a great incentive specially when she likes toys, she just bought an brand new car and now she wanted a motorcycle.
Lucky is anything but what you’d expect a porn star to be except for very pretty. She is almost too pretty and model like to even figure as a porn actress. She is very sweet, extremely funny and quite intelligent… everyday new things surprise me in this eclectic world of ours.
Yulisa, Torbe’s wife, was very quite all the time, but she is always very quiet.. such a sweet girl too.. pff.. I can write so much about all the people and experiences so far… books I could fill, what a dilema… If I write I don’t have time to experiences the things a I want to write about.. it’s now 5:34am and still writing.

More good things.. I just won the last two ping-pong matches against Torbe and Raza… man oh man, I was beating them so easily when I came and suddenly they picked up the pace and we are so tied now…

Over the weekend, June 9-10, I went to Bilbao to visit Zigor and my mom. I took the bus and had a nice 4.5 hour trip. The visit with Zigor was very nice, I met a new girlfriend of Zigor that came over from Barcelona just to visit him and have sex with her.. lucky bastard!
Zigor and his friend Gorka aka Medico are supposed to come over this weekend to have their own look at the world of Torbe.
Then I visited my mom in Zabalbide 68. This was he first house I ever lived in. Lots of memories came back despite the modifications my mom has done to the place. I must say I had a sad feeling that overcame me when I entered that place… seeing my mom there made me very sad.. we had a quick dinner and a long chat were I showed her pics of Torbe’s house and all my Nova-Mind maps about my goals, plans, torbe plans, etc. It was very very nice to chat in person again with my mom.
Next day, monday, I took a bus back to Madrid.

The bad so far has been my mom’s visit to Torbe’s land. Not that it was not expected.. think about it, bringing your dear sweet mom to the house of a infamous freak porn star.. mmm.. I wonder what could happen. Well, it all started OK, we went to see a huge house ranch in the outskirts of Madrid. It was HUGE!. Dozens of rooms and bathrooms, a huge underground office place.. warehouse.. pool, garden… etc.. for 3,000 euros a month. I took pictures of all the rooms and exteriors. My mom, Jesus, etc gave advice an opinions about the place. The balance was that the place was really nice, but the office underground part was dark, complicated, and the place was too far from Madrid center to be practical for commuting.
Later on Torbe and my mom talked about the place and the existing place, about macrobiotics, etc. Torbe was not very centered and did not pay much attention to my mom after that chat, he went to play World of Warcraft which he and Raza are deeply addicted to and left us to our luck in his house. My mom was very offended and left without saying good bye the very next morning. I am glad she did and it was the best thing to so under the circumstances. She is also busy with other projects and has no patience for shit like that.
Because she had the rest of the day, now we are talking about June 14, we called my uncle Carmelo and spend the day with him, we had luch and a really good time with him. Carmelo is now 80 years old, I still cannot believe how young he looks and how funny he is.. so funny, such great sense of humor.. so entertaining.. I just have no words… I feel so guilty I have done so little effort to keep in touch with such an amazing guy.. all I want in this life is to grow old and be like him.. so attentive… He asked me to call for anything any day. I could tell how important was for him to see me and my mom, we made him so happy and he let us know too.
(NOTE: I write in English because is faster and more to the point.. but really all this stories would feel more true in Spanish)
Although my mom was quite hurt by Torbe’s lack of consideration (I could write another book about Torbe and his chaotic lifestyle) she kind of recuperated by having a very nice chat with Monico before taking off and specially by meeting my tio Carmelo today.
I am on a very big adventure in my life.. no doubt.. I love to experience new things all the time and many times I become distant from my origins and the people that truly loves and cares for me.. It makes me sad… I would like to be reborn again to give all these people the care and attention they deserve.. it hurts deep inside to know I have not been good at keeping up with the important people in my life.

What else? well, there are many more details that could fill pages.. I just mentioned the main events and my feelings towards them. Now it is time to rest and call Daniela and work on nurturing my important relationships.

July 15 – 19, 2007

Another bunch of days without writing. Anyway, here is a recap of my experiences and impression these last few days.
My mom left, Lucky left, Zigor and Gorka came from Bilbao and left… all just like life itself… it comes and before you know is gone!
Well, my mom’s visit left me with a bunch of mixed feelings, it was nice to see her again, to visit Carmelo with her, not so nice to see her go not so happy about her experience in Torbe land… well. This weekend we are planning to go back to Bilbao to visit her again, Carmen and my friend Zigor and company.. may be even a Red Hot Chili concert as well.
Zigor and Gorka came for the weekend. Gorka drove in 4 hours and it took them forever to find Torbe mansion. They had a good time overall. They met Torbe, talked about Athletic de Bilbao, we watch the end of the Spanish League. Bilbao didn’t go to 2nd division but really close to making history.. Real Madrid won. The Bilbao game was disappointing to watch as I imagine the whole league has been… what the hell is going on with these guys? apparently a lot of recruiting mistakes and lack of direction.
Both Friday and Saturday we went out to town to check the Madrid nitelife. On Friday we took out Yulisa and she gave us a couple of dancing lessons. Being from Dominican Republic sure counts when shaking to the south american tunes they were playing that nite.
We met Anartz, it was nice to see hi again. The only problem was that he has only been in Madrid over a month and couldn’t really act as a guide. Also he roommate and sexual friend Minerva was in need of attention and made our departure from his apartment quite complicated.

Saturday was a better day to go out. We went to a couple of nice clubs, Via Lactea and La Ofrenda. The first had videos of girls with big breast from the sixties shaking them continuously while the music was just pure oldies all the way from the 40’s up to the 60’s.
La Ofrenda was a rock bar. Smaller and darker but with much better music. We killed our nite there until they closed at around 6am.

Sunday was a relax day. Lucky left in the afternoon and I was able to catch her moments before her taxi arrived to take a picture with her. Here it is.

Lucky y Miguel

Then we watched Bilbao survive 1st division in a very lame soccer game and Zigor and Gorka left right after watching Alonso losing again to upcoming F1 superstar Hamilton.

Monday was and uneventful day except for the evening. We went to another Sabias a lo Que Venias program. It was average, this time with Carlos Moya as their star guest. He was pretty dull and did not do much for the show. Torbe attacked a couple of ladies, stole fan from one of them and well.. conejeo and was conejeaded to and by Zuleidi a petite and wild porn actress.
After the show we went for diner to VIPs with Segura and amiguetes. It was a littel disaster because Segura was al the time on the phone with his girlfriend.. apparently having problems. A couple more friends were having girlfriend issues, including Torbe and Yulisa that spent a good part of the diner arguing and Yulisa even crying. There was something in the air… so many guys having problems with their significative ones…

Today, I woke up at around 1pm… really late as always. So far the best part is that Torbe and I sat and discuss his projects and we got enought time to do Endo’s evaluation which was ver much due and important for him. Endo was about to quit out of boredom and pure exhaustion. He took most of last week off in Barcelona and has come with more energies. After our meeting he seemed a lot happier and now he is going to be concentrating mainly in DVD creation to clear hard drive space and in the creation of Torbe TV.

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