Mike Row TED Talk – He can Talk

Mike Row has become quite famous with his hit series “Dirty Jobs“. There, he goes around the world, mostly US, and spends a day learning and doing all kinds jobs (over 200 episodes/jobs already). The show is called Dirty Jobs because he chooses non glamorous blue collar jobs most of the time.
At any rate, Mike is no doubt a great host and an amazing speaker. He has a very nice deep modulated voice which he has exploited immensely along his career. You may or may not agree with his message, but I would think it would be hard to find anyone that would not consider his delivery, poise, eloquence and poignant humor simply superb.

I haven’t given any speeches in my life yet but I aspire to one day have something interesting enough to share to seek the opportunity, and may be even have my go at a TED like event. Mike is an inspiration for me. Now there are things that most of us will never have, and that is the voice, that perfect confident sales like timber he has. Yeah, may be it is so perfect that when he talks it is hard not to think he is selling you something.. but the truth is that that is how he started on TV, on a crappy late night show called QVC where he sold useless things.
Here is a clip of him at QVC selling the most useless cat toy in the world:

And here is the TED talk:

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