Both my parents were fond of classical music and they raised me and my two siblings listening to the works of many great composers and performers of all times. Geniuses such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Chopin, etc. Out of all the classical music, they always showed preference to the works by Bach and the Baroque era in particular.
I inherited some of this interest in classical music and today I keep listening to it among many other genres. Although I am not very fond of modern music I have always found a few songs here and there from all the modern genres that I have liked quite a bit. Music is like the score of the movie of our life. For almost any situation, mood or feeling there is a song or composition that can intensify as a catalyzer how strongly we perceive that moment.
My intention in this musical section is to share a list of my favorite composers, bands and their songs.

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