My LavaLife Experiment: Preview of Chapters

I am far from an expert on dating, the fact that I had 4 real girlfriends in 14 years is more than a proof to that statement.
However, my intensive 2 month and 20 dates experience in LavaLife in 2008 was enough to teach me a bunch of things about the world of online dating, women, and promoting yourself in general.
I’ve put together a preliminary list of all the topics and chapters about my experiences dating online. In time I will create a post for each of the chapters.
Bear with me in this journey to share my insights on my experiences and if you have anything to share or add to my rantings please feel free to do so in the comments.

An here is the list:

My Motivation to try the LavaLife Experiment

The Parameters of the LavaLife Experiment

Highlights of 20 Dates in 2 Months

My First One Night Stand

The Robert Downey Junior Stigma

The Power of a Self-Marketing Strategy

My list of techniques to succeed on getting dates

Surfing Lavalife on a 52inch Plasma Screen with a Team of Advisors

Keeping Track of your Date Intelligence

The Power of Spreadsheets

Condensing a Date in 6 words

Page Rank versus Date Rank Algorithm

Why you should lie within reason

Why most profiles are so similar?

Accept rejection with Dignity

Reject with tact and respect

An unfinished experiment with a Wine Expert

Learn How to Interpret Photos and Profiles

The 5 Online Profile Stereotypes

All Girls want tall guys. What can short guys do?

Having fun in bed

Always be happy about your size

I am a Mega Hot Russian Girl that wants you, only you, for no reason

Giving away Dates to a Shy Friend

Breaking Hearts with Undecision

The Fucking Machine

Shooting Porn in Mallorca, Spain

Final thoughts and advice about the Online Dating Jungle

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