My LavaLife Experiment: What happens when you send 2000 smiles?

This is the story of me attempting to date as many women as possible in 2 months using an online dating service, LavaLife. My goals were to better understand women, get laid, learn to date, get better at seducing, meet new people, and overall have fun doing in it.

Following, I will tell you the details of how it all unfolded, my thoughts about online dating, how to succeed against your odds, and what did I learn from it.
I hope you, my dear readers (yes, all of you two!), find my tale interesting, entertaining, and maybe inspiring enough to share your own experiences or opinions about online dating.

Online dating has become huge on most developed countries. Everyone knows at least one or two couples that met online. Almost every other person has heard of or even tried online dating themselves so I am sure that there are thousands upon thousand of very unique stories, experiments, and experiences out there. I encourage you to share them with me and the world, I encourage you to debate and criticize my opinions and advice. My story is another one among many, I write about it because I believe it to be unusual, and because what I learned from it it may somehow benefit other online daters to become more successful, aware and motivated to keep dating or staying away from it all together!

On two months I dated a total of 20 women which turned out to be very time consuming, but very rewarding at the same time. To those 20 wonderful women I want to say thank you for taking the time to meet the crazy Spaniard in person. Also, I want to assure you that, unless you express your own explicit desire to be given credit on this story, I will keep your iden-tities 100% anonymous ;).

Who is not this story for

This story may not be so interesting to hot girls or guys that have tried online dating because they will not be familiar with the difficulties that average, fat, short, troll looking, or just plain normal individuals face in order to score even a single date. In most cases, hot people, specially women don’t even have to send even a single smile, it is quite the opposite, they have to delete, block, neglect, even be rude in order to cope with their popularity, which in itself can be a curse.. but a curse many guys like me wouldn’t mind sharing for some time as well..
I will let you, the hot person, tell your own story about how to deal with those hordes of persistent, freaky, perverted and rude online predators that seem to plague dating sites today. Almost, as a much as those fake profiles of hot Russian girls that want your attention for no reason and prey on many gullible, desperate, lonely cyber-souls.
This story is not for people that easily get offended with explicit material as well. If you are, I suggest you skip the chapters about the Fucking Machine and Shooting Porn in Mallorca.

Who may be interested in this tale

I really hope the whole world. But the whole world is very big and most of the whole world has many other interesting things to do and take care of besides reading my story.
This tale is for people that want to know more about online dating, that want to find the confidence to go out there and find the perfect match, that are curious about what can happen when you date many people in a short period of time, that are not confident about their looks or their odds are stacked against them on the online dating jungle. This tale is ultimately for anyone that enjoys human ingenuity, and like me, love to push boundaries to learn, experience new things and ultimately by doing so, hopefully becoming a better person.

Coming next: The Motivation Behind the LavaLife Experiment

One Reply to “My LavaLife Experiment: What happens when you send 2000 smiles?”

  1. i have been using a few dating websites in the past such as and and i have met a bunch of nice girls through these services. but i honestly feel like lavalife stole me.

    At lavalife you can register for free, create your profile and look for other members you can send *winks and even reply to other members for free. but as soon as you want to initiate contact with someone, you need to pay…. so i guess if you are a cute little girl this is fun for you, you put up your picture and wait up for guys to contact you.

    but for a guy like me, you have to throw away your hard earned cash at user profiles in hopes of getting a reply from them. and in my experience about 99% of the ppl you initiate contact with never reply to you. makes you wonder if some of these profiles are not fake.. and how could we know when anyone can create a profile for free and none of the contained information is verified in any way… and me im paying to initiate contact with these possibly real girls… possibly fake, one way or another the money i throw at them is very real…

    that makes me feel a bit stupid to contact all these people and they dont even bother answering me. are they aware that i have paid to contact them?

    i ended up paying 40$ 3 times to lavalife (120$). met a few girls through their system. 2 of them which i meet in real life and saw a few times but no serious relation got out of that.

    Later i tried another dating service called (which is mainly a picture rating site). their price was more reasonable as it was 4$ per month for full access (+ you could spend a few extra buck to buy flowers to send to ppl, which i did a few times… what a waste). however with hotornot i also met a few people and i was able to meet someone that later became a very important part of my life.

    but today things are different. i have learned how to build websites in the last few years and only a few days ago, i have decided to build my own dating site, a dating website that would be open to anyone from around the world and offer all the capabilities of lavalife and but entirely free! 100% free… and i called it

    now i am thrilled cos not only do i know that a website that allows me to easily meet a bunch of girls like lavalife exists but entirely free so i can use it anytime i want and never need to be concerned with the money i waste for the privilege of using such a shamelessely simple interface. but at the same time, that 100% free service is available to the whole world just as entirely free.. which in time should help me have more friends to make on my dating site but also makes me one of the greatest giver of love this world has ever known, placing me way above jezus kriss, khrichna, bouddda and the alike… so let it be known..

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