I took 5 years of music training and 3 years of piano lessons. One day, My dad was going through some economical strain and me and my siblings had to drop our music classes.


Nevertheless, my interest in piano never vanished and I have kept playing the piano ever since my last class when I was 14 years old.
Back in Spain, my family owned a very old refurbished piano, but once we moved to Canada, five years went by before my dad and I split the cost of a $4,000 twenty year old Yamaha U1.
Those five years without practice greatly deteriorated my skills playing. After a year practicing around two hours every evening I gained and even surpassed my previous skill level.
The fact that after dropping my piano lessons I trained on my own has affected my technique and a lot of effort would be required now to get rid of some of the bad habits I have developed over the years. Despite this lack of formal training, I have been able to memorize and play quite well some fairly difficult piano pieces.

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