Sailing in Victoria

I had a great time with Curtis and family in Victoria.

Here I am frunciendous el cenious as I take a picture of myself while navigating the zero wind canadian seas.
2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 17.jpg

We tried to catch some crab, Here is Curtis setting up the a frozen salmon bait

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 05.jpg

And here is what we found upon our return. The bait gone and no crab!
2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 25.jpg

Curtis is the Captain of the Salish Sea and Ian and I his helpers.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 10.jpg

A better view of this beautiful 40ft sail boat.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 13.jpg

Here, I was not kidding, this boat is called the Salish Sea.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 06.jpg

I love instruments and gadgets. He we have the Garmin GPS system.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 07.jpg

Here the control room with the laptop that has the navigation software attached to the GPS output.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 09.jpg

As we arrived back to port, I took a picture of this peculiar trimaran. Note the two windmil electric generators.

2007-05-13_Sailing_With_Curtis_and_Ian_in_Victoria - 26.jpg

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