I always thought that winter sports were for rich, stuck-up stupid people. Although to certain extent that was a misconception I still think along the same lines even today. However that does not have to do anything with snowboarding so never mind.

On February 2003, Ina, The son of one of my dad’s old time friends from Spain, came to visit Vancouver for three weeks and stayed at my place. He brought with him his snowboard hoping to have a taste of some of the most famous snow slopes in the world. He asked me to go with him on his snowhite exploration and I took him to Sun Peaks near Kamloops and later to Whistler. (It is funny that I make fun of the rich, pijo people that practice these winter sports when me and Ina went to Whistler on a helicopter worth 195 dollars a ride!).


I had never snowboarded before so when we got to Sun Peaks I rented a snowboard and boots from some very young, beautiful and friendly staff members with exotic foreign accents (many australians up there I learned).

Snowboarding was easier and more fun than I expected but way more tiring than I thought. I also found the snowboard to be very unforgiving when it came to turning. Stick the wrong edge on the snow and before you can blink there you have your butt violently hitting the gelid snow.

I fell so many times on my butt that I had a sore bum for weeks after that. Having to maintain your legs flexed all the time also took a painful toll on my quadriceps. But was the pain worth! Yes, indeed!. Despite the many falls, the few times I managed to slide downhill properly were very enjoyable. Next time I go up there I hope I still remember the little I learned for my butt’s sake!.

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