Snowmobiles are high powered super fast snow devourers. There are some facts that I found interesting about these beasts of the white world. I really like their continuously variable pulley transmission systems that get rid of any gear boxes and makes them so easy to drive with just a lever to push and send you to kingdom come in the blink of an eye.
The other thing I found surprising is that these powerful machines do get stuck in the snow from time to time in spite of their wide and long caterpillar tracts. If the snow is deep and soft enough and you are trying to go up a steep hill you can find yourself digging your snowmobile grave in no time. I am sure that most of you think is stupid to find that highly amusing but hell, if you are reading this there are many chances that you already know me and also know how bizarre my thinking process is, huh?.


The family of my friend Tina who live in the small town of Merritt in BC, own three snowmobiles and every winter I drive up there and ride them a few times. When my friend Ina came to visit Vancouver on February of 2003, I took him for a spin on one of these machines along some of the many never ending trails on the surrounding area. Ina brought his snowboard along so I decided to see if it was possible to tow him with a rope attached to the back of the snowmobile. We tried it and it worked phenomenally. The only problem was that Ina’s arms got really sore after a few minutes of high speed snowtowing. Tina came with us that day and she helped me filming some of the jumps that Ina performed that day.

Later on I even edited the best shots of that video and burned a CD with the mini documentary for Ina to take back to Spain and show his family and friends. He was very grateful and he really enjoyed trying snowtowing for the first time in his life.

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