I think traveling is a passion shared by most human bipeds on the planet. Human desire to explore other countries and cultures seems inherent to their condition and their innate curiosity. However, not all of us can travel freely due to political and economic restrictions.

My dual citizenship allows me to freely travel around Europe, North America and most of South America. Due to work related reasons I have been very lucky to be able to travel to places such as, Chile and Finland.

I have been to several other european countries, Canada of course and several states in the US. The world is such a big place that even if I spent a year on every country there is, I would need two or three lifetimes to visit them all.

In this section I invite you to find out through my experiences about places, people and cultures that you may have never experienced before. I am by no means a seasoned traveler but I have many fun stories from my trips that I wish to share with all my visitors.

I am very proud of my two homes, Spain and Canada, and very grateful to the wonderful people and opportunities these two beautiful and different countries have offered me. I dedicate this section to all the people that made my trips and experiences so much enjoyable and fulfilling.

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