Here in BC we have thousands of lakes of all sizes and shapes perfect for fishing and practicing all kind of water sports.
During the winter most of the lakes freeze and you can safely walk over them and drive a snowmobile at dazzling speeds. Ice fishing is also very common. Drill a hole in the ice and wait for the little suckers to pay you one last visit while you warm up your ass standing by a nice little bun fire.

Water skiing is very popular in BC and you can see dozens of boats towing people on their skis, boards or even bare feet.


In the summer of 200 I tried water skiing and like most rookies I sucked big time and only after the sixth attempt I could hold gliding over the water for more than five seconds.
The lake water at Monk Park was very cold even in summer and I could not stand the waiting periods from run to run. After various unsuccessful attempts I lost my patience and my ass was so wrinkled that I gave up. However, I know that the day I wear a wet suit (shit, we already own one from my dad’s sailing classes) I will have no excuse to not get back on those clunky floating skis.

For the lazy bastards, the closest thing to water skiing I strongly recommend is tubing. In tubing all you have to do is to sit your ass inside a big truck inner tube.

Then it is up to the pilot of the boat to make your life as wet as he can. To spice things up make sure you put two people per tube and/or tow multiple tubes at a time.

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